Changes to the Work Permit Regulations and Business Travellers

Short-Term business travellers can now gain several costs and time benefits from the changes in the new Work Permit Regulations. Since we are now living and working in a global village short-term business travellers are now able to make Jamaica one of their chosen destinations to visit on specified business trips without the usual cost and time associated with obtaining a work permit.

The Amendments to the Foreign Nationals and Commonwealth Citizens (Employment) Exemptions Regulations (“the Regulations”) are extremely advantageous to short-term business travellers. This is so because short-term business traveller within specific categories who conduct business in Jamaica on one or more visits not exceeding thirty (30) days per visit in any calendar are exempt from the work permit requirement. However, please note that the total number of visits by such short-term business travellers cannot exceed six (6) months in any calendar year.

The specific categories of short-term business travellers covered by the Amendments to the Regulations are namely:-

  • Individuals who visit Jamaica to inspect the plant, machinery or equipment of any factory or other industrial works or to give technical advice on the operation of any undertaking, business or enterprise of whatever kind that is based in Jamaica.
  • Directors, inspectors and auditors of any company, association, organisation, or body that operates in Jamaica; or controls any company, association, organisation, or body which operates in Jamaica; and
  • Individuals who visit Jamaica, on behalf of a principal who is not in Jamaica, in connection with the appointment of, or for the purpose of having business consultations with a business agent or distributor that is based in Jamaica.

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